Life Events

Life changes, it’s true. But while we’re in control of our own destiny to some extent, there are a few significant events that we may want to deal with differently as we get older. Marriage and divorce, to say the least, are prime examples of this – so we should try to plan ahead where we can.

That's why it’s worth taking a look at some of the areas highlighted below. Here, you can find out what more you could be doing financially to minimise the impact of risks to you - for example, by planning for Inheritance Tax. You could also discover what more you can do to benefit from the money you have accrued – for instance with your children or grandchildren.

Family life

Information to help you with family finances in retirement

Getting married

How marriage or remarriage can affect you financially

Dealing with divorce

From the costs of divorce to protecting your assets


How to manage financially when a loved one dies