The results: The second weekend of the World Indoor Bowls Championships 2019

The second weekend of the Just World Indoor Bowls Championships 2019 was one to remember. With the Ladies Singles quarter finals, the Mixed Pairs quarter finals and semi finals, and an Open Singles match.


Game highlights

Friday 18 January

The first of the Mixed Pairs Quarter Finals saw England’s Jamie Chestney and Scotland’s Lesley Doig up against the English pairing of world number one, Greg Harlow and Ladies Singles defending Champion, Katherine Rednall. After some great shots it was Chestney and Doig, the defending Champions, who won their place in Sunday’s semi finals.

The next match saw the pairing of Scotland’s Stewart Anderson and Alison Merrien MBE from the Channel Islands. Facing them in the rink was England’s Nick Brett who has won the Singles, Pairs and Mixed Pairs titles previously, together with Helen Carman from New Zealand. This is Helen’s first time at the World Championships having qualified from New Zealand. Brett in particular played an excellent game, and after winning both sets Brett and Carman earned their place in Sunday’s semi finals.

Shortly after Robert Paxton and Ellen Falkner, both from England and both with plenty of titles, were up against Scotland’s Darren Burnett and Julie Forrest, who also have enjoyed plenty of success in the sport. The first set had a slow start but heated up near the end, and it was Paxton and Falkner who took it. The second set almost resulted in a tie break, but Burnett and Forrest didn’t get the points they needed. It is Paxton and Falkner who will be seeing the semi finals.

In the final match of the day Scotland’s Paul Foster MBE was paired with England’s Janice Gower. They faced the Scottish pairing of David Gourlay MBE and Melanie Darroch. The first set was evenly matched, resulting in a tie, and the second set saw Foster and Gower raise the bar, taking the match and winning their place in the semi finals on Sunday.

Saturday 19 January

The first of the Ladies Signles quarter finals saw the Professional Bowls Association qualifier from Falkirk, Melanie Darroch up against the reigning Champion from Ipswich, Katherine Rednall. The first set was a close match, ending with a 9,9 tie. But it was Rednall who stepped up her game in the second, taking the set and the match.

The second match of the day promised to be a great game to watch. It was between the WIBC Ladies Singles runner up, Kerry Packwood from Wales and the Record Scottish seven-time Ladies Singles Champion, Julie Forrest. Following some high-quality playing it was Forrest who was feeling really at home in the rink, and earned her place in the semi finals.

The next match of the day saw New Zealand’s qualifier, Helen Carman fresh off her win from the day before, against previous Ladies Singles and Mixed Pairs Champion Alison Merrien MBE. Carman started well but Merrien just managed to take the first set. Merrien continued her winning streak to take the match and her place in the semi finals.

The final Ladies quarter final match saw a highly anticipated game between the top number one ranked lady on the PBA Ranking list, Janice Gower, who is the current reigning English Ladies National Champion facing England International Ellen Falkner who has previously won the Ladies World Singles title three times. The tension in the arena was palpable during the match, and it ended with Falkner going through to face Alison Merrien MBE in the semi final on Wednesday.

Saturday 20 January

The first match of the Championships on Sunday was an Open Singles match between Andy Thomson MBE and Wayne Wilgress. It was a much anticipated match as Willgress needed a win to gain entry into the Worlds top 16 and Thomson needed it just as much in order to stay in the Worlds top 16. Both sides fought hard, bringing the game to a tie break, but it was Thomson who maintained the calm he needed to take the match.

The afternoon saw the first of the Mixed Pairs semi finals. Fresh from their wins on Friday, Helen Carman and Nick Brett were up against Lesley Doig and Jamie Chestney. The first set saw Carman start well, handling the great lead bowls of Doig. Both Chestney and Brett were producing excellent bowls which had the capacity filled stands on the edge of their seats throughout the match. Both sets were won by Brett and Carman, who have now made their way through to the final on Tuesday.

The final match of the day was the last Mixed Pairs semi final. England’s Robert Paxton and Ellen Falkner were up against Scotland’s Paul Foster MBE and England’s Janice Gower. Paxton and Falkner had already won at this stage in a previous year and, in keeping with history, took this game and won their place in the final. They go on to face Carman and Brett in the Mixed Pairs final on Tuesday, live on the BBC.


The results

Friday 18 January

MPQF1: Jamie Chestney (E) & Lesley Doig (S) v Greg Harlow & Katherine Rednall (E): 8,1 – 8,5

MPQF2: Stewart Anderson (S) & Alison Merrien MBE (CH. Is.) v Nick Brett (E) & Helen Carman (NZ): 2,13 – 4,7

MPQF3: Robert Paxton & Ellen Falkner (E) v Darren Burnett & Julie Forrest (S): 7,5 – 7,4

MPQF4: Paul Foster MBE (S) & Janice Gower (E) v David Gourlay & Melanie Darroch (S): 4,4 – 9,1

Saturday 19 January

LQF1: Katherine Rednall (E) v Melanie Darroch (S): 9,9 – 11,2

LQF2: Kerry Packwood (W) v Julie Forrest (S): 3,10 – 2,10

LQF3: Helen Carman (NZ) v Alison Merrien MBE (Ch. Is): 5,10 – 4,12

LQF4: Ellen Falkner (E) v Janice Gower (E): 9,7 – 11,9

Sunday 20 January

S15: Open Singles; Andy Thomson MBE (E) v Wayne Wilgress (E): 7,4 – 7,9 – 2,0

MPSF1: Jamie Chestney (E) & Lesley Doig (S) v Nick Brett (E) & Helen Carman (NZ): 4,6 – 5,6

MPSF2: Robert Paxton & Ellen Falkner (E) v Paul Foster MBE (S) & Janice Gower (E): 8,4 – 5,6 – 2,1


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