Dealing with divorce

Getting divorced later in life can have an impact on your plans for, and finances in, retirement.

To find out more about what a divorce in retirement could mean for you, why not take a look at our video:

It’s a good idea to take proper financial advice when divorcing. People are often unaware of what they’re entitled to, and the key steps to take to financially separate from their partners.

A pension pot can be a significant sum of money and so pensions and retirement savings should be taken into account when dividing up assets.

The MoneyHelper website (backed by the government) provides useful guidance around the options for how different types of pension can be separated. You can book a free appointment with one of their pension specialists who can guide you through your options during a divorce, they’ll talk to you about the things you’ll need to think about and where to get regulated advice if you need it.

Letting us know about a change in your circumstances

If you’re a Just policyholder and you’d like to let us know about a change to your circumstances please complete and return the relevant form.

Let us know about a change to your:
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Post-divorce it’s a good idea to review your will and other documents, such as life insurance policies, to ensure that your estate will be divided up in the way you want.