The results: Monday 21 January

Monday in the International Arena saw some exciting competition, including the final of the World Indoor Pairs. Discover all of the highlights and the results below.

Game highlights

Monday 21 January

The first match of the day saw Australian Bendan Egan up against the World Indoor number one, England's Greg Harlow. Harlow took full advantage as Egan got to grips with the pace of the carpet, and took the first set. In the second set it was Egan that started well, but Harlow shut him down. Harlow won the final set and the match.

The second match of the day was the highly anticipated final of the World Indoor Pairs. The crowd was packed as they watched Paul Foster MBE and Alex Marshall MBE face Nick Brett and Greg Harlow. The match was filled with edge of the seat bowls, millimetre precision, impressive drives, and hits and misses that had the audience gasping. Foster and Marshall took the lead straight away in the first set. Harlow and Brett upped their game to even the playing field, but Marshall's final shot secured his and Foster's victory. The second set saw Foster and Marshall take the score to 8,3 by the close of the third end. Harlow and Brett then produced some quality bowls. It was enough to take the score to 13,13, but not enough to bring the match to a tie break. So Foster and Marshall were victorious, picking up the World Indoor Pairs trophy for a fourth time. Congratulations!

The next match of the day was defending Singles Champion, Mark Dawes from Blackpool against Ireland’s qualifier, Graham McKee. The first set was a low scoring match with neither player really getting the upper hand. After a draw in the first set, the second saw Dawes get off to a better start. In a particularly great play, he managed to stop McKee getting a full house of four. Dawes took the match with a final set score of 8,3.

The last of the first round singles matches was between Elgin’s Michael Stepney, a recent newcomer into the top 16, and Cumbrian Gary Smith who is just outside the top 16 and looking to gain entry to the top squad. The first set saw both struggling a little to get to grips with and leaving too much space round the jack to start with. After settling in it was Stepney who took the first set. The second set went to Smith in a remarkable shift, with a score of 3,12, but his winning streak didn't continue in the tie break. It was Stepney who won the tie break and the match, and will be going on to the second round.


The results

Monday 21 January

S16: Greg Harlow (E) v Brendan Egan (Aus): 11,6 – 9,5

Final: Paul Foster MBE & Alex Marshall MBE (S) v Nick Brett & Greg Harlow (E): 8,6 – 13,13

S1: Mark Dawes (E) v Graham McKee (Ir) : 6,6 – 8,3

S2: Michael Stepney (S) v Gary Smith (E): 10,6 – 3,12 – 2,1

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