The results: Wednesday 23 January

Wednesday in the International Arena was filled with eagerly anticipated matches, including the two Ladies semi finals. Read on to discover all the excitement and the results.

Game highlights

Wednesday 23 January

The first match of the day was the second round of the World Indoor Open Singles. England's Simon Skelton was up against the Welsh player, Jason Greenslade. Neither player got off to a great start in the first set, but it was Skelton that finally settled in and took a lead. Greenslade dug deep to find the points he needed to even the playing field, resulting in a first set draw. In the second set the story was more of the same, with neither player really dominating the other. Both players found good bowls occasionally, but it was Skelton who took the set and the match.

The next match saw Defending Champion, Mark Dawes up against Michael Stepney, in his first year in the top 16. This was a big match for both of them and eagerly anticipated by the packed audience in the arena. Both players produced great draw bowls and were not afraid to attack the head when needed. After a hard fought first set it was Dawes that took it. The second set saw both players on top form, resulting in a draw and Dawes winning the match. He will go through to the quarter finals to face Scotland’s Stewart Anderson.

The first Ladies semi final of the afternoon was between Scotland’s seven-time National Singles Champion, Julie Forrest and Katherine Rednall, three-time Ladies World Indoor Champion. Both players have been on top form at the Championships this year, so it promised to be an exciting match. In the first few ends there was not much between the two and the score stood at 2,2 in the fourth end. Rednall then seemed to find her stride and Forrest could not keep up. It was Rednall that took the first set. Some excellent bowls took place in the second set, but it was Forrest who had the edge this time. She won the second set and took the match to a tie break. It was Forrest who won the match and makes her way to the final on Thursday afternoon.

The remaining Ladies semi final was between Ellen Falkner, newly crowned Mixed Pairs Champion, and Alison Merrien MBE. Merrien that found her line a bit quicker than Falkner to start with and she soon built up a fair lead. Although by end six it was Falkners turn to close the gap. But it was Merrien that took a single and a double on the last two ends, taking the set 9,4. In the second set it was Merrien once again that gradually drew away from Falkner. Merrien won and has earned her place in Wednesday's final to face off against Scotland’s Julie Forrest at 1pm live on BBC.


Match results

Wednesday 23 January

S21: Simon Skelton (E) v Jason Greenslade (W): 6,6 – 6,5

S17: Mark Dawes (E) v Michael Stepney (S): 9,6 – 7,7

LSF1: Katherine Rednall (E) v Julie Forrest (S): 11,2 – 7,8 – 1,2

LSF2: Alison Merrien (Ch. Is.) v Ellen Falkner (E): 9,4 – 9,3


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