The results: The first weekend of the World Indoor Bowls Championships 2019

The first weekend of the Just World Indoor Bowls Championships got off to an exciting start. Read our highlights below to find out more.

Game highlights

Friday 11 January

On Friday brothers Robert and Edward Elmore won the first match of the Championships against Paul Sharman and Mike Titcombe. Australian pair Dave Rankin and Kyle McIlroy defeated Ireland's Ian McClure and Derek Smith, despite the match being heavily tipped as Ireland's win. Scotland’s duo of Alex Marshall MBE and Paul Foster MBE were next up against the Welsh Qualifiers Damian Doubler and Daniel Salmon, winning the match with a impressive final shot. The final match of the day was between England’s Les Gillett and Jason Greenslade from Wales, up against Colin Walker and Ronnie Duncan from Scotland. Duncan and Walker won, starting their blaze for the Pairs title.

Saturday 12 January

Saturday started with the Elmore brothers, following their win from the day before, up against Mark Royal and Andy Thomson MBE. The close match ended with Royal and Thomson's win. The second match of the day saw Rankin and McIlroy, fresh from their win on Friday, up against Scotland's Darren Burnett and Stewart Anderson. The tight match ended with a tie break, and the Australians continued their winning streak to make it through to the semi-finals on Sunday afternoon. Saturday afternoon saw the first of the Pairs quarter finals, with the defending Champions Mark Dawes and Jamie Chestney up against the Scotish pair Paul Foster MBE and Alex Marshall MBE. The defending pairs Champions ended up bowing out to Foster and Marshall, who made it through to the Pairs semi-finals on Monday 14 January. The last match of the day was the second Pairs quater final with David Gourlay MBE and Mervyn King against Colin Walker and Ronnie Duncan. Walker and Duncan took the match, making it through to the semi-final to face fellow Scots Foster and Marshall.

Sunday 13 January

Sunday started with the third of the Pairs quarter finals with Robert Paxton and Michael Stepney facing Mark Royal and Andy Thomson MBE. The match proved to be a real nail biter, with Royal and Thomson winning and through to the semi-final on Monday 14 January. The last Pairs quarter final saw Greg Harlow and Nick Brett up against the  Australian Pair Rankin and McIlroy who had just fought their way through the preliminary matches. Harlow and Brett won to take the last semi final place. The remaining matches of the day saw Jordi Lo beat Malcom Whyte, only to be defeated later in the day by Andy Squire, who had tied with Dan LeMessurier earlier that day. The final match of the day saw Lawrence Hurwitz defeat Malcolm Whyte.


Match Results 

Friday 11 January

ENG3: Edward Elmore & Robert Elmore v Paul Sharman & Mike Titcombe: 13,0 – 12,1

Overseas Pairs Playoff: David Rankin & Kyle McIlroy (Aus) v Ian McClure & Derek Smith (Ire): 4,5 – 7,4 – 2,0

PPQ1: Paul Foster MBE & Alex Marshall MBE (S) v Damian Doubler & Daniel Salmon (W): 7,6 – 4,9 – 2,0.

PPQ2: Les Gillett (E) & Jason Greenslade (W) v Colin Walker & Ronnie Duncan (S): 5,4 – 4,5 – 1,2

Saturday 12 January

PPQ3: Mark Royal and Andy Thomson MBE (E) v Robert & Edward Elmore (E): 4,4 – 6,4

PPQ4: Darren Burnett & Stewart Anderson (S) v Dave Rankin & Kyle McIlroy (Aus): 4,6 – 7,3 – 0,2

PQF1: Jamie Chestney & Mark Dawes (E) v Paul Foster MBE & Alex Marshall MBE (S): 3,6 – 6,6

PQF2: David Gourlay MBE & Mervyn King v Colin Walker & Ronnie Duncan (S): 4,7 – 6,8

Sunday 13 January

PS2: Malcolm Whyte (Can) v Jordi Lo (HK): 6,5 – 3,10

PS7: Dan LeMessurier (USA) v Andy Squire (E): 4,8 – 8,4

PQF3: Robert Paxton (E) & Michael Stepney (S) v Mark Royal & Andy Thomson (E): 6,7 – 5,5

PQF4: Greg Harlow & Nick Brett (E) v Dave Rankin & Kyle McIlroy (Aus): 6,5 – 9,2

PS9: Jordi Lo (HK) v Andy Squire (E): 6,6 – 1,11

PS3: Malcolm Whyte (Can) v Lawrence Hurwitz (Is): 3,10 - 7,3


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