Companies in our group

Just Group plc is a FTSE-listed specialist UK based financial services company created following the merger of Just Retirement Group and Partnership Assurance Group in April 2016. You can find out more about Just Group by visiting the Just Group website at

There are a number of companies within the group, and the following provides further information on some of them:

Just Retirement Limited (JRL)

JRL was established in 2004 to help people make the most of their retirement. Since then it's helped thousands of retirees enjoy their retirement by securing them a better income or enabling them to release equity from their homes.

JRL started out by specialising in guaranteed income for life solutions (provided by pension annuities) and lifetime mortgages. To help enjoy retirement more, we felt that customers wanted to make the most of the money they had available.

To do so we developed the expertise and tools to help us to understand how the different health and lifestyle choices can affect how long an individual is likely to live. We used this information to ensure as many as possible benefited from 'enhanced terms' on their income or retirement needs solutions. In many cases this meant customers secured a better income than they would have done if they chose a product without 'enhanced terms'.

In keeping with a business built on customers' needs, we do all we can to ensure our service is impeccable. We're incredibly proud of the recognition we've received from the industry, particularly the fact that we have been awarded 5 stars in the Financial Adviser Service Awards Life & Pensions category 2005-2018 and Mortgage & Packers category 2008-2017.

Just Retirement Money Limited (JRML)

JRML was established in 2016 to take on all lifetime mortgage lending conducted under the Just Retirement brand. Its sole focus is providing lending products for those people at or approaching retirement.

Since JRML was born out of the products and services provided by Just Retirement Limited who had been providing equity release since 2005, the organisation is able to build upon many years of award-winning service provision.

Customers of JRML are provided with the protection afforded by the Equity Release Council's Statement of Principles, which ensures that all products are safe and reliable for customers.

Partnership Life Assurance Company Limited (PLACL)

PLACL specialises in the design and manufacture of insurance products to fund care fees and offers a range of plans that can be tailored to an individual's needs.

Its ability to take account of health issues when pricing plans means PLACL can provide enhanced levels of income to those looking for help to meet care fees payments.

HUB Financial Solutions Limited

HUB Financial Solutions was established in 2006 to provide individuals with products and services that enable them to make informed decisions about their retirement finances.

HUB Financial Solutions provide advice in releasing equity from people's homes, turning pension savings into income for retirement and funding long-term care. HUB Financial Solutions work with some of the UK's leading financial services companies to offer some of the best options in the retirement market.

For further information about HUB Financial Solutions, please visit the HUB Financial Solutions website or call 01737 233413.