If you're a UK homeowner with property worth £70,000 or more and you're aged 55 or over, equity release can be used to unlock some of the money you have tied up in your home.

The money you release from your home can be used for almost anything you want. You could pay for home improvements, book a once-in-a-lifetime trip, buy a new car, or help your children buy their first home.

You won’t have to move out of your home or downsize, however it will reduce the value of your estate.

Whatever you need the money for, your home could be the answer.

equity release has been a godsend for me

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Why choose us?

At HUB Financial Solutions we’re totally dedicated to finding the right financial solution for you. We can give you expert advice through our Equity Release Advice Service. We promise to provide you with:

  • Clear, jargon-free, tailored advice
  • An initial consultation which is free and carries no obligation. This means that if you decide that equity release isn't right for you, you can simply leave it there. If you choose to proceed with a recommended product, an advice fee of £1,100 would be payable upon completion.
  • The facts about how equity release affects the value of your estate and how it may impact your eligibility to means-tested benefits
  • A free state benefit review
  • Encouragement to include your family or friends in your decision
  • Recommendations only for products that are provided by members of the Equity Release Council

We recommend products that are provided by members of the Equity Release Council. We’ll compare the best equity release options for you across the whole of the market from providers including:

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How much money could you
release from your home?

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