Cost of living

The ongoing cost of living crisis is continuing to have a significant impact on people's lives, with many struggling to make ends meet. Many people are having to make difficult choices about how to spend their money, and some are having to go into debt to cover basic living expenses.

It’s important to be aware of the support that is available and to reach out for help if you need it. Research from MoneyHelper, shared in a press release by the FCA shows that 52% of customers in financial difficulty waited more than a month before seeking help. Of these, 53% regretted not doing so sooner.

We appreciate finding the best help can be complicated so we’ve put together a list of support options that may be helpful.


Supporting income

Have you checked you’re receiving all the necessary state benefits and financial support you can to help with your living costs? Click here to answer a few questions to find out.

There are various initiatives to provide further support. You can find them here.


Paying Bills

From warm home discounts to winter fuel payments, there are various support options available.

If you think you might need extra support, you can find more options here.



Whether you are renting or paying off a mortgage, there is support available should you require it. You can find more information here.



If you’re struggling to keep up repayments or need some debt management advice you can talk to someone for free confidential advice at any of these companies:

It’s also important to speak to whoever you owe money to as they may be able to adjust your payments or allow you to take a break from payments.

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Remember to take time to consider the strain that the cost of living crisis can have on your mental health.

The charity Mind has gathered together various pieces of information and guidance which can help, this can be found here.


Help for carers

Being a carer comes with it’s own additional financial worries, especially if it begins to impact your own ability to work. AgeUK have created a dedicated website for you to check that you’re claiming all the necessary financial support available.

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