Our business development and transition team

This team is the initial point of contact for all advisers. They are on hand to answer any queries you may have and will work tirelessly to structure and deliver a solution that is flexible, convenient and meets the needs of the pension scheme trustee and sponsors.

Led by Rob Mechem, Head of DB Business Development, they will ensure the quote process and subsequent journey from transaction to administration are smooth. Rob views transition as an extension of the new business process. So our transition managers are involved from the beginning, working as part of our business development team. As a result, they’re close to the quotation process, aware of the membership profile and benefit structure and are ready to support transition as soon as the transaction has completed.

Their focus is to work with trustees and their administrators to complete the required data cleanse and set up ‘shadow’ records at Just. This helps us to administer your policy to the high standards we have committed to.

Business development team contacts

Rob Mechem

Head of DB Business Development

01737 233 307 - Rob.Mechem@wearejust.co.uk 


Martin Parker

DB Business Development Manager

01737 308 739 - Martin.Parker@wearejust.co.uk


Prashant Mehta

DB Business Development Manager

01737 233 349 - Prashant.Mehta@wearejust.co.uk


Peter Jennings

DB Business Development Manager

01737 827 381 – Peter.Jennings@wearejust.co.uk


David Phelps

DB Business Development & Marketing Manager

01737 308 902 – David.Phelps@wearejust.co.uk



Ben Lyons

DB Business Development Support

01737 308 794 – Ben.Lyons@wearejust.co.uk

Transition team contacts

Tony Brown 
Client Relationship Transition Manager

01737 233 168 – Tony.Brown@wearejust.co.uk


Colin Cassell 
Client Relationship Transition Manager

01737 827 498 – Colin.Cassell@wearejust.co.uk