Why Just?

In 2012 we launched our defined benefit de-risking solutions. Since then we've gone on to support a number of trustees and schemes of all sizes, combining our standard and medical underwriting expertise with excellent customer service.

An enviable buy-in and buy-out track record

At the end of 2017 we'd completed over 135 transactions. This includes over 30 buy-outs and repeat transactions for 17 schemes. We've transacted policies covering over 20,000 members.

A dedicated team of DB specialists 

We are an experienced team, focused on meeting the needs of advisers, trustees and your administrators with systems and processes in place to ensure a successful outcome. After all, de-risking is our speciality and something we focus on every working day.

Independently rated by Fitch as Financially Strong

In their inaugural rating in August 2017, Fitch gave our principle insurance subsidiary Just Retirement Limited (JRL) an Insurer Financial Strength rating of ‘A+’ (strong). Simultaneously, they assigned JRL a long-term Insurer Default Rating (IDR) of ‘A’ and Just Group plc (the ultimate holding company) an IDR of ‘A’.  These ratings reflect the strength of our capitalisation, leverage position, investment risk and asset-liability management.

The only UK insurer actively pricing bulk annuities on a medically underwritten basis 

We believe our approach to de-risking is a little bit different. We provide a choice of medical and standard pricing solutions which have the potential to reduce the cost of a buy-in or buy-out policy.

Delivering administration excellence

Our priority is to make your journey from transaction to administration a smooth one.

Our team are committed to delivering the best possible customer service for you, your members and our policyholders - whether we’re working with your administrator on data cleanse, checking your monthly payroll or issuing individual annuity policies to your members at buy-out.