What communications can I expect to receive from you?

Medical questionnaire

If the trustees of your scheme have given us permission, we may send you a medical questionnaire. You will normally have received a letter from your trustees to explain that we’ll be sending you this questionnaire and requesting your help.

Please complete and return it promptly. The information you provide is strictly confidential and we never share it with the trustees of your scheme or the sponsoring employer.

We use the information to calculate the cost of a de-risking policy the trustees of your scheme have purchased or are considering purchasing. This policy provides them with protection against investment fluctuations or the risk that some members might live longer than expected.

Any information you supply will not affect the benefits you receive or will get in the future, such as the pension payable to you, the pension that would be payable to any eligible dependants upon your death, and any future increases to these pensions.

In about 20% of cases we need to follow-up this questionnaire with a short telephone interview.

Introduction to Just

When you become a policyholder of Just, before we make your first payment we will send you an introduction to Just. This will include your policy document, your member guide and a covering letter. Please keep these in a safe place, as these documents outline the payments we’ll be making to you as well as details of ways you can contact us.

Retirement options pack

If you are a deferred member, we will write to you with a retirement options pack around six months before your normal retirement date. This includes a leaflet explaining your options – which may include the option to take your pension as a lump sum, details of any pension commencement lump sum you may be entitled to take (also known as tax free cash) and a covering letter.


Each year, if we are paying you benefits, we will send you a P60 showing the pension income we have paid to you and the tax we have paid on your behalf. Please keep this safe as we are unable to issue duplicates.