Why am I a policyholder of Just Retirement Limited (Just)?

If we have issued you with a defined benefit individual annuity policy or deferred policy (pension), the trustees of your pension scheme will have purchased an insurance policy from us on your behalf. You have become a customer of Just Retirement Limited (part of Just Group plc) and we are responsible for paying your benefits and for all communications that you receive.

The policy we have issued to you is our promise to pay your pension benefits when they’re due.  Benefits are paid directly to you using information provided by your scheme before it was wound-up and we took over all responsibility.

Full details of what we’ll pay and the policy terms and conditions can be found in your policy document.  We’ll have sent this to you, with your member guide, ahead of us starting payments. Please contact us as soon as possible if you believe any of these details are incorrect. You must also let us know if your details change in the future, particularly your address or bank account.

We’re here to help you. We have a customer helpline, details of this and other helpful information are included on our 'Contact us - policyholder helpline' page.