Going on a first date? Here are some tips to make a good first impression

12 September 2016
It takes time to get to know someone well, but getting it right on a first date is important too. Here are some tips to help you get the most from the experience.

Everyone knows it can take some time to really get to know a person, meaning a first meeting might only offer you a limited impression. 

While first impressions might not be everything, it's nice to get them right - and this is particularly important when you're on a date. 

By impressing from the outset, you are both more likely to have an enjoyable time, as well as offering a positive picture of yourself that could lead to a second date. 

Ask your date to talk about themselves

Try and be empathetic. You might be feeling a little nervous - especially if you haven't been on a date in some time. 

The chances are your date may be feeling the same way. One great way of easing any possible tension that could grow from such a mood is to ask them something about themselves. 

People generally enjoy talking about their own lives and finding out a few simple things is a sure-fire ice-breaker. 

It's the obvious starting point and should naturally lead to many other conversation topics - and it will also allow both of you to relax into the situation. 

Don't rush

If all goes well, you could strike up a bond quite quickly and feel ready to talk about anything. But this is not always a good idea. 

Sometimes it can be intimidating or off-putting if someone else is more open than the other is ready to be. 

This is particularly the case if you find yourself talking about negative things like frustrations with other people or regrets. 

Similarly, it's not a good idea to rush the other person into a second date. Once or twice a week is not uncommon - and don't be afraid to let them dictate the pace. 

Think about your choice of words

This may sound obvious, but careful choice of words is very important. Avoid speaking abruptly and don't change the subject too quickly. 

While it is important to ask questions about your date, try not to let this become too much like an interrogation, with a lot of rapid fire questions. 

Let the conversation flow and show interest in what they are saying with appreciative and sympathetic language. 

Good manners are important

Words are not the only aspect of good manners. Simple things like making eye contact when introducing yourself or saying hello and shaking hands or giving a light peck on the cheek are not to be overlooked. 

Remember not to yawn or check your watch - even when done subconsciously it can ruin a mood! If you feel you are getting tired then it is much better to make a polite excuse and go home. 

Looking at your mobile is another big faux pas, as it shows your attention is not focused on the person you are with. If you are waiting for an urgent message, check in the bathroom. 

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