Love the outdoors? Why not consider relocating?

29 June 2016
If you love the outdoors, you could always think about moving somewhere that offers you the best opportunities to connect with nature.

Leaving work is a big opportunity to embrace the kind of life you've always wanted to lead - and there is no need for this to necessarily break the bank. 

If you've lived in the city for a long time, but would rather spend your time in a more rural locale, then go for it. 

There are many advantages to this, as a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has found that the closer you are to nature, the healthier you will be.

This is especially true for those who live within one km of a park or a wooded area, as they are less prone to anxiety and depression than those who live further away.

Uprooting can be a big decision to make - and it may be daunting to leave your local setting behind. But if you really feel drawn to nature, then here are some of the benefits you might enjoy. 

Dawn chorus

Being woken up by a chorus of birdsong is a lovely way to start the day - and if you are a morning person then the countryside has a lot to offer in the early hours. 

Venture out as the sun rises for an early walk and you are likely to meet other people as you forge a new daily routine. 

Some places seem tailor-made for this purpose. For instance, Basildon Court, at Cholsey in Oxfordshire, is a former hospital on 1,000 acres that stretch to the Thames. It has now converted by Thomas Homes into apartments. 

Canal towns

Canal towns are often historic sites that are great for those who love the outdoors, as walking is a great way to experience these man-made water channels. 

The canals themselves offer accessible walking routes at all times of year - and the path is always level aside from the occasional lock flight. 

Some of the unfolding scenery you'll encounter simply cannot be matched, as it offers an unparalleled mix of wildlife, architecture, countryside and of course, narrowboats. 

If you still want convenient access to a city lifestyle, there are always places near port towns such as Gloucester that can provide the best of both. 

Love walking?

If you simply prefer hiking and spending a day trekking over hills and along bridleways, then there is nothing stopping you looking at moving somewhere such as South Shropshire or the Lake District. 

Those who are considering a move to a retirement village won't find their options restricted either. 

Places such as Lime Tree Village in Rugby, Warwickshire, has its own woodland area within 27 acres of grounds. 

Cedars Village in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire boasts 22 acres of grounds including a bluebell wood and wildlife meadow in the middle of the village. 

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