Our annuities

Our lifetime annuity is provided by Just, who are part of the Just Group. Just have helped over 400,000 customers with their income in retirement by providing a range of annuity solutions.

Tell me about your products

We provide a guaranteed income for life using an individually underwritten annuity. We can offer an increased retirement income by taking into account factors such as where you live and your medical history.

We believe that many people could qualify for some type of enhancement to their annuity, and as everyone's circumstances are different, we would always encourage those retiring to seek professional advice from a financial adviser before making any decisions. As an indication, you may qualify for an increased guaranteed income for life if you: 

  • smoke
  • take prescription medication
  • have ever been hospitalised or have a medical condition.

The options we provide

Our products can be tailored to your needs by choosing from a range of benefits. These options provide greater flexibility or protection for your regular income. Whatever options you choose, your income will be guaranteed for life.

It's really important that you take time to consider the options you select for your annuity, as this will ensure the product you end up with is the right one for you. The options you can choose from include:

  • How much tax-free cash (usually up to 25%) you wish to take from your pension savings. You can then purchase your annuity with some or all of the remainder of your pension savings. 
  • How frequently you would like your income to be paid and when you would like it to start.
  • Guarantee periods of up to 30 years; if you die during this time, your income continues to your loved ones, for the remainder of your chosen period.
  • Value protection to provide a lump sum if you haven't received the full value of your pension, in the event of your death.
  • Protection from the effects of inflation.
  • Whether you wish your income to continue to provide for your loved ones when you die.

How can I purchase one of your products?

We don't offer our guaranteed income for life solutions directly, but you can purchase them through a professional financial adviser. Remember, you can find a professional financial adviser on thepfs.org and unbiased.co.uk.