Credit and mortgages

While no-one would recommend getting into debt, many people choose to use credit in their everyday lives. You may well have credit cards, or even loans for a car or home improvements that you have made. You might even have an outstanding balance to pay on your mortgage. When you do retire, it's important to ensure that you can manage the debts that you have, or it could mean financial trouble.

We don't offer credit cards or standard mortgages, but to help you better understand borrowing, we look at how to manage the credit you have – and make it work for you when you do retire.

Types of borrowing

What’s available to you in retirement?

Dealing with debt

How to manage and rid yourself of debt for good

Credit cards and loans

How to effectively manage credit cards in retirement

Mortgages in retirement

What to do when you have a mortgage in retirement

Credit scoring

What is credit scoring and why it's important

Getting credit in retirement

How loans and credit cards work