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 9th December 2019 - Inheritance plans reveal UK’s property priority 

 Just Group research reveals how UK adults expecting to receive an inheritance are planning to use the money.

20th  November 2019 - One in four people have used property to provide income 

New research by Just Group reveals that overall one in four (25%) have or are using property to generate income but with significant regional differences.

1st November 2019 - 1.6 million renters aged 50-65 say State support will be sole income source in retirement 

Just Group research reveals more than one in two of UK renters approaching retirement say they have no workplace or personal pension.

16th October 2019 - Over-optimistic UK adults expecting inheritance of over £130,000

New research from Just Group finds UK adults expect to receive an inheritance of £130,000 on average.

1st October 2019 - Three in five first time buyers depend on the Bank of Mum and Dad

Just Group reveals first time buyers today are three times more likely to need mum and dad’s help than first time buyers 30 years ago.

17th September 2019 - Children of renters twice as likely to rent themselves

Just Group comments how intergenerational tenure patterns impact on later life.

12th August 2019 - Brits hit their pessimistic peak in their 50s 

Just Group reveals that people in their 50s are the most pessimistic in their outlook on the economy, property and own personal finances.