Looking after property

When the time comes to retire, your home could be worth so much more than what you paid for it – particularly if you’ve added value to it over the years. In the UK, we spend thousands on DIY each year – so knowing which improvements are financially worthwhile can be very useful.

If you’ve always wanted a jacuzzi or a swimming pool, for example, you might want to think twice before jumping in head first. These kind of alterations are unlikely to recoup their costs. But an extension or a loft conversion could increase the sale value and appeal of your home. So what makes the most sense? We help you look at your options here.

Extending property

What can you do and what can’t you do to extend your home?

Home improvements

Kitchens, conservatories, pools and more 

Insuring property

Protecting your home against eventualities

Safety and security

Keeping your home safe and secure