Free bus travel

We've had a national scheme to provide free bus travel to older people and the disabled in place since 2008. You may not have been a regular bus passenger before you retired, but with the government footing the bill, they're completely free. Maybe it's time to fall in love with bus travel all over again? 

When will I qualify for free bus travel?

In England you can apply for a free older person’s bus pass when you either reach the female State Pension age (whether you're a man or a woman), or celebrate your 60th birthday in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The pass will give you free travel on local buses anywhere in England.

Concessionary travel is also available in Wales and Scotland but these may not entitle you to completely free bus travel. As an overview, country by country, you’ll get:


Free off-peak bus travel on local buses. If you live in London, a Freedom Pass will give you free travel on the London Underground, the DLR and almost all public transport in London.


Free local bus travel in any area, at any time of the day. Where bus services are limited, bus passes can be used on certain Welsh train lines.


The National Entitlement Card allows free travel on local and Scottish long distance buses. 

Northern Ireland  

Free travel on both the buses and trains within Northern Ireland.

How do I get my bus pass?

It’s easy to apply for your bus pass through your local authority. Your local library, council tax office or tourist office may also have application forms you can fill in and send off.