Planning for care

Knowledge is power, or so they say. So when it comes to the sorts of care you might need in old age, it helps to have all the facts to hand. And like it or not, most of us are going to need a little extra help as we get older.

For some, needing care could mean additional medical needs or a helping hand performing daily tasks. And it might not even be for us, but for our loved ones. So let us explain a bit more about the costs and the provisions of care.

What is care?

The facts about care.

Costs of care

Who has to pay for care in the UK and how?

The Care Act

Government plans for care and care funding.

Choosing a care home

With so many to choose from, how do you pick?

Paying for care

What are the funding options available?

Modifying your home

How your home can accommodate someone needing care.

Local Authority support for care

Find out how much support you could get.