What is 'care'?

Care refers to the various services available to people who could benefit from assistance with looking after themselves, for example as a result of illness, disability or old age.

How is care provided?

Care can be provided in a care home (residential care) or in your own home (domiciliary care).

Residential care

There are two types of residential care home – ones that provide help with personal care like getting dressed or bathing, and ones that do all of this with additional on-site medical provisions typically referred to as 'Care homes with nursing'.

Care at home (domiciliary care)

With domiciliary care, a carer visits you in your own home to help you with a range of activities that perhaps you cannot manage safely on your own or may otherwise struggle with - including getting dressed and showered, shopping or visiting your GP.

Will I have to be cared for?

It's impossible to know what sort of help you'll need as you age. But with life expectancy continuing to go up, it’s best to think practically about these eventualities.

There's no point worrying about something you can't change, but it's worth taking steps to ensure you're financially prepared for care, and what could be around the corner.