Retirement income

You now have more choice than ever over how and when you take your retirement income. Whether it’s money you’ve saved in your pension, your home or your savings and investments – the choices are yours to make.

So what can you do? Which types of income are there, what impact could they have on your financial future, how does your health affect your income and what do you need to think about when it comes to the timing of taking your income in retirement? We answer all of these questions and more… 

Options available

What does ‘pension freedom’ mean for you?

Stock market volatility

Why is it important to consider stock market volatility?

Income drawdown

What is drawdown and how can you use it efficiently?

Using a lump sum

What can you take from your pension savings as a lump sum?

Considering annuities

Annuities – what are they and how do they work?

Impact of health

Your health is important - it could affect your income.

Deferring income

Thinking of deferring? What you need to know.


What each of your options means and the tax you may pay.

Investment risk

How much risk do you want to take with your retirement savings?

P60s and tax codes

Have questions? We've got answers.